Melissa is 20 years old and recently wrote and recorded a 10 track pop album titled, "My Arrival."  Singing and music were always a part of her life, something she did, because it came natural, it was fun, and she loved it!  She wrote her very first song at 8 years old and her second song at age 9; both of these went on to win awards.  In her teens she began writing again,  and in January of 2007 Melissa released her first track,  "Forever Ends Today," on Myspace.  It was very well received, and she continued her writing and recording.  In June of 2007 was the release of her CD  "My Arrival."  Along the way, Melissa filmed a music video for "Forever Ends Today," which can be checked out on her webpage, or her myspace page,  Presently, Melissa is focusing on her live performances.
In addition to singing and songwriting, Melissa is an actress.  She has worked on various networks, including Discovery Channel and ABC.  In June of 2007 she was part of the musical on One Life To Live, where her dancing talents were featured.  Melissa has had dance training for 12 years, plays the piano, is a black belt in karate, a figure skater, and ice dancer . Melissa is a bubbly, outgoing, and loving-life kind of girl. Her talent, strong work ethic, and family support made her who she is today.  This is only the beginning of Melissa's journey, stay tuned for more great things to come!